James, My Formal Name

on Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dare I tell the story, for it may be used against me.

Just kidding, hey, don't get angry with me.

My earliest recollection of being called James was when my Mom was getting ready to correct me for something that I had done wrong. She would say, "James get over here, now!"

Oh boy, that meant trouble for me. I guess it was for my own good at the time. However, maybe that is why I tend to use Jim more often now. James seems much too formal in my book. However, if you want to call me James, I don't mind it today. Just don't get angry with me, OK?

I'm sure we all have stories of what our parents called us when we were growing up and they had something important to say to us. What was your attention grabber?

Contact James Today.


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