James, What Are You Doing Now?

on Sunday, May 24, 2009

Never giving up is at the heart of the matter.

It seems like the smallest of items take the longest time to correct.

I found this "Field of Dreams" Blogger template at Blogger Buster. I was really intrigued by the layout style, and felt I needed to put it to good use. The place for a good use was right here at my James Warholic blog.

Field of Dreams

First off, I tend to write in different styles and get my inspirational thoughts for different stories based on what is happening at a given moment in time. With inspirational stories at the tip of my finger tips (sometimes), I also am driven by a visual creative style when I write. What I am referring to, is a place to write online, for the style of writing at a given moment in time, when I write it. I intend to use the "Field of Dreams" for those creative thoughts that are nudged along by the visually beautiful graphic layout in this website.

My taste in styles varies all over the place. I think the one thing that I can say with a certainty about web site layouts and designs is I like uniqueness for my style tastes. However, with that being said, uniqueness can sometimes go overboard at the expense of functionality. One aspect of uniqueness from a graphic artist's perspective is they like to do things really different. Things so different, in fact, that it can many times affect the "Search Engine Results Pages" for websites designed with the graphic artist's eye. This can be the difference from showing on the first page of Google Search results (Yahoo!, and Microsoft Live Search too), or showing on the 10th page, or not listed at all in the Google Search results for your business products or services. That is where a professional Internet marketing service organization can make a big difference in website performance, by taking what graphic artists design and truly mesh the art of "Search Engine Optimization" and website functionality with the work the graphic artist has done.

Most business owners do not have a clue about how long it takes to do things online. They look at a website or even a single web page and think that can be created in a matter of minutes. Most times, this is a false impression based on a lack of understanding on how the web functions. Everything must be thought out on a web page. Then extensive testing is involved in the evaluation process. This goes to the heart of the matter. From the words used, to the images embedded for illustration purposes, to the bold faced characters, the titles, and even the call to action items must be carefully planned to make the most impact online.

Back to the fine points of this template. I needed to make some changes to provide for the email link and the quick-edit posting icon when logged into my account. I was missing the two icons in the template design. It took me several hours, and numerous tests and verifies to find the problem child for each problem, and then to apply corrective action for the solutions. Fortunately everything seems to function at the moment in a three browser testing environment. I am sure I will find other things that need to be corrected as time goes on; I always do.

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James, My Formal Name

on Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dare I tell the story, for it may be used against me.

Just kidding, hey, don't get angry with me.

My earliest recollection of being called James was when my Mom was getting ready to correct me for something that I had done wrong. She would say, "James get over here, now!"

Oh boy, that meant trouble for me. I guess it was for my own good at the time. However, maybe that is why I tend to use Jim more often now. James seems much too formal in my book. However, if you want to call me James, I don't mind it today. Just don't get angry with me, OK?

I'm sure we all have stories of what our parents called us when we were growing up and they had something important to say to us. What was your attention grabber?

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